Marjolein Trewavas

Upcycled Designs from Room for Change

I am a textile designer who loves auctions, rummaging through car boot sales, second-hand shops and being creative. Anything old and broken, or vintage that has outlived its usefulness, I can mend and transform into pieces that are usable again. I make an eclectic mix of colourful sometimes vintage bazaar style pieces that are sometimes slightly kitsch, sometimes romantic and shabby chic but always visually stimulating and fun to wear or to have in your house.
I creatively up-cycle, making new products of better quality and wherever possible I use recycled materials. Useless bits and bobs can be converted into higher value items that can be useful for a long time. Find my creations on aroomforchange on Facebook or roomforchangevintage on Instagram and you can contact me on


07743 167427