Bucks Art Weeks


Welcome to Bucks Art Weeks:

We are now open for BAW2021! 12- 27 June If you are interested in taking part now is the time to sign up! 


Entry closing date extended to the 7th of February 2021. – head to the For Artists section now...

If you are looking up a particular artist who exhibited with us last year, you will still be able to access their details during the new entry period. Simply browse through all of the artists and makers who are part of our membership and we hope you'll enjoy your time with us here. The contact details of each artist are on their pages for you to take note of, should you see something that you like, and, as always, they're very happy to speak with you about their work and discuss possible commissions.

New Features

There are three new features on the website which we hope you’ll enjoy – Workshops and Social Wall and EventsWorkshops gives you a complete list of all the BAW artists and makers who offer classes that you can take to learn how to do what they do! There is a video feature for many – check their entries to see them in action. Also, our new Social Wall which gives you up to the minute posts from our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram, of all our artists posts of their work and Events for artists to advertise exhibitions (live or online) or trails etc. that they are involved in.


The BAW Committee