Kairen Bradford (kb silver)

Silver Jewellery in 15th Century Tythe Barn
Sterling silver acorn pendant

My work is largely inspired by nature, ideas coming from delicate patterns, textures & forms found in our natural surroundings. Beautiful objects collected on walks around the country become templates, models or the starting point for an idea. I enjoy working with people to design & create bespoke jewellery that has special personal meaning, perhaps based on a favourite leaf, flower or seed, brought from their garden or local environment.

I will have a workbench, tools & works in progress on display. Commissions are welcome.

In my home studio I work mainly with sterling silver, sometimes incorporating accents of gold, copper, semi-precious stones & resin. My textured jewellery is handcrafted using traditional silversmithing methods enhanced by fresh, modern techniques.

Enjoy the lovely artwork by the Group 12 painters in this beautiful barn, which itself is a work of art.

To the right of the church and pond there is a driveway leading to Manor Farm & the Tythe Barn.


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