Watercolour at Waddesdon for Beginners and Improvers

Venue, Timing, Cost

Waddesdon Manor
Monday, 30 May, 2022 to Wednesday, 1 June, 2022
10:30 - 13:30
Waddesdon Manor and gardens

Learn how to draw and paint using watercolour during this three day course in the beautiful setting of Waddesdon Manor.

This course will look at the fundamentals of watercolour; it is by learning these that you will be able to develop your skills and knowledge to make successful watercolour paintings.

The course aims to show you what materials and techniques are needed to start watercolour painting and understand the exciting and flexible nature of painting with watercolour.

Learners will have the chance to explore a variety of approaches, to develop their own sense of design, colour and composition.

During the course learners will:
• Learn how to mix watercolours
• Learn how to use techniques
• Use colour theory
• Investigate the properties of watercolour
• Investigate papers
• Use stretching paper
• Select their brushes, paints and paper
• Be show how to care for their brushes.

Is this course for me?
This course is for learners who have previous experience as well as those who have some knowledge of working with the medium.

Enrol now at https://www.adultlearningbc.ac.uk/courses/watercolour-at-waddesdon-for-b... or call 01296 382403.

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