Digital Photography - Summer Colours of The Great Outdoors

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Waddesdon Manor
Saturday, 25 June, 2022
10.30 to 4pm
Waddesdon Manor gardens

This course aims to develop on your existing skills. The main aim of the workshop is for the tutor to work with you individually and as a group to create interesting compositions and to understand how to use your cameras settings and equipment to enhance and improve your photos.
During the course you will:
• Learn how to compose and capture stunning photos of the gardens of Waddesdon Manor
• Use natural and artificial light to create different and interesting shots with shape and shadow
• Try a range of manual and semi-automatic modes to ascertain which settings are used to achieve different results, and take a range of creative shots
• Explore your cameras different focussing modes and work through the most appropriate for the type of photos you’ll be taking
• Be introduced to our cameras metering systems and how we can influence the look of a shot using a simple process of exposure compensation
• We will edit your favourite shot of the day in Lightroom (editing software).

Is this course for me?
This course is for anybody with a reasonable knowledge of their camera equipment (but not essential). It is also for learners who have some experience in photographing landscapes and the outdoor world, and who wish to improve their knowledge base, at the same time developing their image creation expertise and experimenting with new concepts from composition to image capture and image editing.

Venue: Stable Courtyard, Waddesdon Manor, Waddesdon, HP18 0JH

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