Beginners Stained Glass Class - 3d Copper Foil Projects

Venue, Timing, Cost

Vitreus Art Studio near Milton Keynes
Sat, 08/29/2020
10am to 6.30pm
£149 inc all materials and lunch
Vitreus Art 3d copper foil stained glass workshops

Learn the basics of foiling stained glass and make a lovely 3d project - hummingbird, spinner, butterfly, candleholder, kaleidoscope or succulents.

This special workshop is a one-day or weekend introduction to the foiling method of 3-dimensional stained glass construction - going beyond making a panel or suncatcher!#

You'll gain a grounding in the essential techniques of foiling with plenty of hands-on experience with the tools we use, and lots of tips, tricks and a little history of modern stained glass.

One of the more recent developments in stained glass is the use of copper foil as a way to join pieces of coloured glass together - and that' what makes these projects achievable, and in less time than you might think necessary!

One-day or Weekend 3d Copper Foiling Stained glass class for up to 4 people

This course is offered in two structures:
One-day course - make a main project like a hummingbird, spinner or butterfly, curved candleholder or two succulents in just one day.

Two-day course - make a main project like a kaleidoscope (two day project for most students), or a hummingbird, spinner, butterfly plus a succulent or two, depending on time available on the second day, or two main one-day projects, subject to completing the first project on the first day.
This course goes far beyond basic copper foil stained glass (sometimes called the Tiffany method) by introducing the concept of creating pieces with multiple surfaces - like the projects shown here. The kaleidoscope project is a full two-day project, while the spinners, hummingbirds and butterflies can be completed in one day by most students.
If time allows on the second day of the weekend course we'll offer you a succulent project to enjoy, or you can make two succulents in one day if you prefer.

Hummingbird - usually takes one day
Butterfly - usually takes one day
Spinner - usually takes one day
Succulents - students usually complete 2 in one day
Candleholder usually takes one day
Kaleidoscope - usually takes two days

Course Structure - 3d Copper Foiling (Tiffany) Stained Glass
We start out by looking at the basic processes and tools we'll be using:
Considering the requirements of 3d projects as distinct from simpler 2d pieces
Scoring and breaking glass, using oil-cutter, grozing pliers and cut runner
Preparing the glass for soldering using the grinder, copper foil and crimping tool
Ensuring the sides will all fit together properly!
How to use a jig to hold the pieces together while soldering - essential for 3d designs!
Soldering using a high-power soldering iron and fluxes

We'll take you through a demonstration of how we score and break glass and then you'll then practise cutting and breaking glass!
Once comfortable with scoring and breaking the glass, we'll ask you to choose your project design and the coloured glass you'll use.
You'll cut all the glass for your project and then grind the pieces to fit accurately.
When we're all ready for a break, we'll have lunch at the nearby Tea Rooms.

All the pieces will then be foiled and soldered together in to sub-assemblies, and then we'll share the special techniques we've perfected to join the sides together and complete your project!

We'll provide you with a choice of designs like the ones shown here and a selection of coloured glass to work with.

The course cost of £149 inc VAT (one-day) or £249 (two-day) per person includes:
All materials, choice of starter designs and glass
Use of tools and protective gear
Refreshments during the day and lunch at the ARTea Rooms
2 tutors, maximum class size 4 people
Info pack to keep with information on getting started, where to buy glass and tools, plus reminders on techniques - emailed as PDF
Your projects to take home
Eligibility for our Project Day Programme
Class runs from10am to (approx) 6-30pm each day at our Northants studio

Mike Caddy or Jenny Timms at Vitreus Art
Wakefield Country Courtyard
Potterspury, Towcester
NN12 7FA

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