Sharon Bailey

Contemporary Paintings Inspired by Nature.

My mission is to bring escapism to the viewer by capturing expressions of nature, both land and sea. Each piece, allows the viewer to be transported into my imaginary world or one of their very own. I never plan what to paint, instead, I often start with a memory of something I saw or a feeling I experienced, then let my imagination run free. Based on this, I then choose which colour combination will best reflect when I want to convey on canvas.
Some pieces are more textured or detailed than others, but it depends on what I am trying to capture. Sometimes, this can make a subject appear more realistic, but it is without intention. As a result, each piece is unique with its own story.
I adore bright colours and I am constantly pushing colour combinations to the max, creating results that demands attention. I believe my paintings possess a zest for life and my hope is that it gives others the same joy and happiness it gave me creating it.