Sarah Allen – SculptureInTheRound Studio

Sculpture, Formal & Fun for the Home or Garden
Cogs in the machine. Sculpture, water feature, fountain

I can be inspired by watching an emotional dance or hearing a powerful news story which will spark the idea for a new design. We all look at volume, surface, light and shade but there is a special connection with a piece that encourages the eye to travel in every direction flowing reassuringly. This is at the heart of the figurative work at my studio, SculptureInTheRound.

Lockdown led to me to the new pieces that I’m exhibiting this year. I grew up alongside the River Thames and spent childhood holidays on Cornish beaches which established a deep connection with water. I find it lifts my spirits and refreshes my soul and whilst unable to travel, my designs began to incorporate water as an element of mixed media sculpture. Some are commissioned for a special gift, reflecting a specific interest such as cycling, meditation or entertaining. The resulting pieces are offered here in a lovely garden and working studio setting. Sculpture, fountain or water feature – you decide!

Opening Dates and Times

June 2021
late evening, open til 8pm, Friday 25th
Special information: 
Easy car parking available, Appointments available at other times during and after Bucks Art Weeks, Access for wheelchair users, Refreshments available, Practical demonstrations, Working studio where members normally create work during the year
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