Jan Ruddock @ Sunneyhill Barn

Painting, Installations, Ceramics
Revealed - Acrylic on canvas
Cogden - Acrylic on canvas

My work is about watery places, above and beneath the surface, and my recent paintings are inspired by rock-pools and ponds. Water is continuously changing. Shifting reflections or half glimpsed, other-worldly plants and creatures, appear abstract and strange, which I have found endlessly interesting and appealing. Lockdown 2020 gave me the chance to experiment more fully with media and materials, and I enjoyed keeping a daily visual diary from March to October. I also make hand-built ceramics and I am currently planning some underwater inspired pieces. I hope to make a site specific installation this year, as an extension of my ceramic and painting ideas.
I will be available for workshops or talks, online if need be, to art groups or schools during Bucks Art Weeks 2021. I am looking forward to exhibiting with Tony Ashton, Sue Graham, Jane Hooper, Marian Hyland, Sally Ibbett, Laurie Keck and Sue-Jane Mott.