Angela Johnson

Contemporary Painter

I am a contemporary painter and I use my work as a way of trying to make sense of what it is to be a human being. My process usually begins with either a photograph, or a film still (perhaps from a film that I have made to reflect something I am contemplating) and I then take those images and start drawing. I am always pushing my source material, moving away from the 2D image, giving it space to evolve and become more of a response to the feelings and experience of whatever I have drawn. I paint for weeks on each piece of work, normally with a number of canvasses in progress at any one time. The colour palette seems to evolve the more deeply I feel connected to the piece and as the boundaries between myself and each painting fall away an unknown narrative often evolves, taking the work in directions that are exciting and unexpected.
*When visiting do park on the long gravel drive (look for thatched house straight ahead in Bulbourne Court). My studio is next to the garage.*


07514 901718