Alison Vincent at Obsidian Art

Hand Blown Glass Vessels

Hand-blown glass vessels by Alison Vincent who is taking part in Bucks Art Weeks again this year at Obsidian Art. Beautiful pieces with weight and substance, inspired by nature - the seaside, oceans and waves as well as mountains and clouds - and also by high-tech architecture. Videos of Alison at work will be showing during the exhibition.

Alison is a member of The Buckinghamshire Craft Guild, where she will also be exhibiting work.

"I have never got over the excitement of my first glass making hands-on experience. The heat and fluidity and the ability to create something both unique and sculptural from the hot molten glass is amazing. I love the way the colours change as the piece cools from red hot to cold. The centuries old techniques and tools and the real craft and love that are applied all appeal to me."

"I love the clarity and refraction of glass and the ability to create such dramatic variations in its appearance through colour or shape and a variety of techniques."


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