Bucks Pottery & Sculpture Society talk by Jemma Gowland

Venue, Timing

Little Kingshill Village Hall
Friday, 24 June, 2022
8pm to 10pm
Figure of little girl by Jemma Gowland

This month's meeting will include a talk by ceramic artist Jemma Gowland. The work Jemma creates explores the way girls are constrained from birth to conform to an appearance and code of behaviour, to present a perfect face, and maintain the expectations of others. The disrupted surfaces describe the vulnerability beneath.
Being a mother, wife and daughter, as well as a woman working in a largely male field has led Jemma to examine the role of the female, and how societal norms can still shape the way children are raised.

The meeting will be held at Little Kingshill Village Hall, Windsor Lane, Little Kingshill, HP16 0DZ.
Entry is free for BPSS members, £5 for visitors.
See www.buckspotters.com for more information about the society.

Submitted by

Paula Sutton