How do I get involved?


Would you like to take part in Bucks Art Weeks and be part of the largest visual arts event in the county?  Over 500 artists and makers take part every year in Bucks Art Weeks in over 200 venues all over Buckinghamshire County.  To take part you will need to have a venue and be able to open for at least 5 days during the Art Weeks period. Visitors love the chance to meet artists and makers, and it's a great chance for you to talk to the public about your work.

Bucks Art Weeks 2020 will take place from 6th - 21st June 2020.

If you are an artist or maker interested in participating in 2020 then the entry deadline is January 31st; you'll need to register as a user and complete an online membership.

In order to take part you will need to have a venue – most artists and makers open their own studio, but you can also do Art Weeks in a shared venue with other artists and makers. If you have a venue that has space and you’d like to share with another artist or maker, please get in touch and let us know. Or if your own studio isn’t suitable to open to the public, or you’d rather take part with others in another venue, then contact us.

If you have any questions do contact the Bucks Art Weeks Co-ordinator, via email at or call 07950 732117.